Almost getting a life!

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I went to a gig last week – an ACTUAL concert!  Now, my taste in music is very eclectic & this was a concert showcasing one of my slightly more extreme preferences; acoustic guitar instrumental music.

I missed the last time Andy McKee came to play anywhere even vaguely close to where I live & I was strangely bereft & gutted to have gone without.  Honestly, it was like a little grey cloud hanging over me!  I was determined not to make that mistake EVER AGAIN.  So when I heard he’d be touring again I was DETERMINED to be there!  The icing on the cake was that he’d be performing with 2 other guitarists, one of whom’s CD I already owned.  I was THERE man…

Needless to say, the Guitar Masters visit to Sage Gateshead was utterly, utterly fantastic!  I was thrilled, not only to be out of the house on an evening, but to be surrounded by music I’d be listening to for years.  It was both exciting & comfortingly familiar!  Bravo to all; Andy McKee, Jon Gomm & Preston Reed.

The whole experience got me thinking; what OTHER concerts would I give my eye teeth to attend?..

1. AC/DC in 1980/81

2. Queen circa 1974/75

3. Free/Bad Company about 1972/73

4. Joe Jackson (Is She Really Going Out With Him era)

5. Squeeze 1981

6. The Police Live from Hatfield Polytechnic (Rock Goes to College edition)

Of course there’d be a few classic Hendrix, Who, Led Zep, Clapton & Elvis gigs in there too but those listed are particularly ‘me’.

How about you?


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