The Little Red Hen

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You know that story right?  The little red hen who asks the farmyard for help but gets nowt until the spoils are ready to enjoy?  Sometimes I think that’s me that is.  Need a job doing?  Just pile it on my shoulders!

What’s brought this on?  I’m sitting here, numb-arsed & shaky of hands after typing 3 out of 4 reports from the Scrutiny work I’m doing for my Housing Association.  I’ve done all the training (apart from that half day when I had a funny turn & had the Sean Connery voice), I contribute in every session, I think of questions, I ask questions, I organise the team, I pay attention, I take the notes, I ask the supplementaries &, seemingly, I do the typing now too.

It’s been a massive leap for me to trust the team to do as good a job as I would do & I know that makes me sound like a demented control-freak perfectionist.  I sort of am if I’m honest.  I know the job’s a good ‘un if I’ve had plenty to do with it.  I’m learning to share the load but, really – have you seen some of these people?..

That’s a little unfair as the majority of them are lovely, hard-working folk who are learning something very new & doing their best.  That doesn’t mean that just because I can, I should do all the extras!  I’m actually terrified of being shown up as incompetent, unprofessional, half-arsed or otherwise a bit shite by someone who isn’t putting as much effort as I am into this.

In the meantime I’ve spent the afternoon spending more time on typos than typing (yes I KNOW I said I’d just leave ’em but this was WORK!) & I’m spent for the day.  One more to do tomorrow & I’ll be practising saying no* for next time… *piss off & do it yourself.

Here’s an example of the kind of hard graft & detailed note-taking I make;


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