If you think it…

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…it will come!  Not everything of course.  Not a bazillion quid or The World’s Strongest Man wanting to carry you around so you don’t wear your feet out.  Some things though.  Things like FINALLY GETTING AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON!

So yes, I will finally get to put may case for killing my Bastard Knee & replacing it with Steve Austin’s spare Bionic Leg.  It’s not a foregone conclusion that I’ll even be taken seriously.  I have contraindications coming out of my arse (not literally) like being fat, having significant Lymphoedema & the associated infection risk, the bloody MS…  I know; I’m hardly straightforward.  This should NEVER make me less deserving of treatment though.  Hell, by the time I see the Doc I’ll have been in agony for almost a year.  A year which has endeavoured to put the total kibosh on my ‘keeping mobile for as long as humanly possible’ plans.  If I can’t walk due to the MS then I really WILL need The World’s Strongest Man to place me gingerly on the lav…  So, I can now put my arguments for surgery on paper &, hopefully, anticipate & counter any arguments against.  I don’t particularly want surgery.  I do want not to need it in the first place, but we’re way beyond that.

Time for Tramadol.  Come to mama as your days may indeed be numbered, my little capsule pals…

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