I’m still here….

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Despite appearances to the contrary, I AM still knocking about, sometimes quite literally.  I don’t know why I’ve abandoned WordPress for so long.  God knows, I’m rarely lost for words & have plenty to moan about!

I see people are still finding the @CaitlinMoran story I reproduced here & that’s a good thing.  In my efforts to break out of the illusion of Social Housing ‘choice’, I have joined up to my own housing Association’s Scrutiny Panel & have been in training for that for months now.  Our first project is nearing its end &, dear me, I’ve had to use the remnants of my People Skills to get through it.  It is testament to my self control that I really only felt punchy a couple of times…

I’m sure I’ll share more of that with you – within the remit of the Privacy Agreement of course!

The knee I’ve previously mentioned (now titled the Bastard Knee) is STILL waiting to be seen to by someone with a white coat & power tools.  The MRI revealed a litany of denuded this & arthritic that & general knackered-ness.  If only it could see the agony too.  It’s me & Tramadol all the way baby!

Oh, & I got a tattoo…

Can you tell what it is yet?

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