On typos…

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I’ve made a decision.  On reading through various Tweets & Blog posts & comments I’m noticing that my typos & numb hands & general brain mush are happening, not only, more frequently but more & more unnoticed by me.  Despite reading through, I seem to be incapable of spotting mistakes which would generally horrify me!

I am, in the words of Spud in Trainspotting, a bit of a perfectionist you see.  

Now all of this could distress me, depress me & piss me off BUT, especially on here, I intend to embrace it.  Not because I don’t know any better – my spelling is exemplary – but because it serves as a record of how my MS is affecting me; physically & cognitively.  

MS isn’t just about walking funny or being in a wheelchair.  It’s about pain, fatigue, ‘altered sensation*’ & impaired concentration.  I can’t deny it & I can’t fight it but I can accept it.

*Altered Sensation is a term as nebulous as saying that a deep, dark cave has ‘altered light’!

So, if you spot a typo or occasional incoherence on here, let it slide.  Just think “oh Trudes is having a bit of an off day”.  I may have typed something in haste or with passion or, most likely, have a bit of Cog Fog*

*just learned that one today! Sounds less unpleasant than Brain Death.


One thought on “On typos…

  1. Hey Trudes, always remember as well, that one should NEVER proof ones own work. The brain’s a funny ol’ beast and even if you think you are reading dispassionately, it will still be “hearing” what it remembers you were INTENDING to write.

    Best of luck with the cog fog.

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