Cram me into a loo roll tube

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So, I have an injury.  A proper injury.  Yes, it’s the same one I blogged about previously; the one which has dogged me for most of this year.  Anyway, yesterday evening I was booked in to have an MRI scan to see just what the heck is going on in there (other than a deranged little man with red-hot knives, intent on prising my knee apart).

I’ve had an MRI before.  My MS was diagnosed that way when lesions Ed & Brian were first spotted.  I hopped onto the platform & prepared to be engulfed.  In.  Out.  In again.  Hmm.  “There’s a problem’ says the radiographer, “You’re touching the side & there’s still 80mm to go.  We can’t do it if you’re touching the side.  The scanner might overheat.”  “But my legs are IN so can’t we do it anyway?”  “No, it won’t work until you’re in it properly.”

So home I went, angry & slightly humiliated.  Whatever you may read about the MILLIONS of pounds the NHS is having to spend on things so that obese patients can be treated, trust me – I have seen NO EVIDENCE of this.  My brand new & purpose built GP Surgery & local hospital offers seating WITH ARMS which have been manufactured to be precisely the same dimensions as a Budget Airline’s most budget-y seating.  Comfort?  That seems to have been ‘designed out’ wherever possible.  Hospital beds, for example.  Never those plumptious adjustable ones seen on tv but your bog standard steel framework & wafer-thin, plastic-encased mattress which, under my weight, may as well not exist.  A few sheets of A4 sellotaped to the frame would be just as effective & ‘comfortable’.  While I’m having a gripe let’s mention blood pressure cuffs, off-the-peg compression garments, quick-access-to-your-arse hospital gowns…

You’d think, seeing as we’re almost all ‘obese’ these days that there would be some evidence of the world making some adaptations, especially as it costing us all so much money.  Apparently.

(Just to say that I’ve had Lymphoedema since I was a child – both legs – so a substantial part of my size is actually a deformity due to that.  As opposed to pies.)

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