I shake like an incurable

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Wow.  This blog reached the heights of almost 12000 views in one day thanks to my previous post!  Thank you all for reading & sharing & going to the trouble of commenting.  I’m glad that Caitlin’s article is now ‘out there’ but, as my Asperger’s Son pointed out yesterday, does this mean that Rupert Murdoch will now be out to get me?!  I’m not too worried.  I can take him AND I have a stick…

I also realised that this blog may appear to be a bit morose; poverty, illness, middle-age.  That’s not really ‘me’ at all.  Well, it IS insomuch as I AM poor, not in fabulous health & 45 years old.  But it’s not ‘ME’.  Me?  I’d still laugh if my arse was on fire.

One thought on “I shake like an incurable

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